The UDIA Victoria launched its new Global Unit on Wednesday, 30 June in Melbourne’s CBD.

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, spoke at the launch event expressing his support for the initiative.

The Global Unit will provide a networking environment, information hub and an international community for all industry professionals operating in Victoria. It will also assist international players who may be new to the local property industry, as well as helping the local industry forge meaningful relationships and discover new opportunities in an increasingly globalised world.

“UDIA’s Global Unit will ensure we give Victoria’s urban development industry a loud, strong and inclusive voice, that accurately reflects the global community of development professionals in Victoria” said Danni Addison, Victorian Chief Executive of the UDIA.

At RPM, a growing focus of our business is assisting developers entering the Australian property industry.

“The Global Unit is a great initiative in responding to how the marketplace has changed with the flow of International funds. We now have many successful Australian developers who have come from an overseas background, an increasing trend as we see more new entrants investing in our future here in Victoria” said Kevin Brown, RPM’s Chief Executive Officer and member of the Global Unit Advisory Group.

Key areas of focus for the UDIA Global Unit in 2017 include providing the insight required for international members to make educated business decisions, to advocate for policy in support of international relations, and to help members forge global partnerships with investors looking to place capital with confidence.

More information about the Global Unit can be found on the UDIA Victoria website.