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About us

RPM is a dynamic, results-driven residential sales agency with a strong commitment to creating research-backed strategies that deliver higher revenues, faster sales rates and better returns for our clients.

Founded over two decades ago as a residential land sales specialist, today RPM Real Estate Group has grown to encompass over 100 employees across six specialist divisions:

  • Research – in-house team of economists, property experts and GIS analysts providing superior market intelligence
  • Communities – specialists in master planning, product mix, design and pricing with over 5,000 residential land lots sold annually
  • Transaction and Advisory – specialists in broad-hectare, medium density development site transactions
  • Project Marketing – Expert sales, marketing and advisory services for medium density developments
  • Property management – In-house full service property management team
  • International – sales network in Asia Pacific region led by dedicated team of multi-lingual industry professionals

At RPM, our difference lies not only in our experience and in-house capabilities, but our passion for the people within our business as well as our valued clients. Through our dedication to creating a culture of enthusiastic and committed property experts, we are proud to have built a team with expertise spanning all facets of property sales, research and advisory services.

Our continued expansion and re-investment into our research services mean we offer unsurpassed market intelligence and data-driven insights to our clients, to help drive the continued growth of their projects and asset portfolio.

A full-service agency, we pride ourselves on advising our clients through every step of the process; from the initial site diligence, acquisitions and master-planning, through to the launch and sales strategies and ongoing marketing.

Behind our results and rapid growth, our people are at the core of what we do. It’s all about relationships and we are proud to have been working with many of our clients for over a decade.

Eric Dick Executive Chairman

Our people

  • Communities
  • Project Marketing
  • International
  • Research

  • Transactions & Advisory
  • Property Management
  • Directors

Eric Dick

Executive Chairman

Kevin Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Jinyin Zhang

Director - International

Luke Kelly


Peter Grant


Christian Ranieri

General Manager - Transactions & Advisory

Rod Anderson


Tim Hyland

Manager - Strategy

Peter Kilkenny

Transaction Manager

Michael Staedler

Research Manager

Andrew Raponi

Senior Research Analyst

Megan Taylor

Manager - Property Management

Delena Bajada-Gardner

Associate Director

Roger Murphy

Sales Manager

Georgie Adams

Project Marketing Manager

Jim Grivas

General Manager - Medium Density

Adam Lockens

Sales Manager

Brad Gerring

Sales Manager

Greg Rankin

Sales Manager

Johnathon Driessen

Sales Manager

Hayden Kay

Sales Manager

Liang Leo Ge

Sales Consultant

Rheanne Long

Property Manager

Wing Hung (Warrick) Mak

Property Manager

Dean Irvine

Leasing Consultant / Assistant Property Manager

Zaynoun Melhem

Transaction Manager

David Schnall

Transaction Manager

Paul Dem

Transaction Manager

Michael Vilar

Sales Manager - Medium Density

Caitlyn Jenkins

Senior Sales Coordinator

Jolleen Chang

Marketing Coordinator

April Sun

Sales Coordinator

Michael Giannetta

GIS Analyst

Sarah Breen

Research Analyst

Laurence Rao

Research Assistant

Our clients

Our story


Residential Project Management, now RPM Real Estate Group, opened our first office in Doncaster, Victoria.

Founding partner, Eric Dick’s aim was to provide a new approach to the marketing of residential subdivisions across Melbourne.

The first division was the broad hectare division which was created to source acquisition opportunities for our developer clients.


RPM’s St Kilda Road office opened in 1998, driven by the increasing uptake of our innovative approach to marketing subdivisions and estate management.

The research division was formed in response to the dynamic market’s focus on achieving greater density on our estates, therefore requiring a critical demand for our knowledge and professional advice on market trends.


RPM moved to South Melbourne, and this move coincided with the establishment of a new division, urban living. The urban living team’s focus was on supporting the planning, sales and marketing of smaller lots and medium density opportunities within our existing estates.  The success of these products led to the appointment of RPM on several in-fill sites across Melbourne. Renamed the project marketing division, it has expanded into townhouse and apartment development.


In a dramatically evolving market, RPM recognised the significant opportunity to leverage the International sales arena and opened RPM International.


Now with a team of over 100 passionate professionals, RPM call York Street, South Melbourne home. Our new custom-designed workplace ensures our people achieve the highest level of service and results for our valued clients.